We're looking for DevOps who are passionate about their job to work together on thriving startups.
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Our values
We work passionately every day to make projects
of our clients more efficient and evolved
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    Philosophy of trust
    We are doing our best to build up trust and transparency since the very beginning of our communication. For instance, we send internal team threads to our clients because there is nothing that can be misinterpreted.
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    Mission possible
    We enjoy creating elegant solutions that work properly, and we find it the most satisfying part of DevOps job.
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    Balance and fllexibility
    It all starts with you. Everybody likes the idea of working in a prospering company with happy professional colleagues on inspiring client projects. To have a dream job, you have to be the match. On our side, we invest into the discipline of mental health and offer our team psychologist on daily basis.
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    You work to live, not live to work. If you are enjoying your field, please join us. If not, you’d better quit the page and go find your authentic self.
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    Sense of humor
    No boring people, sorry.
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    Ethics and support
    We operate as a Formula 1 team: we have a common goal and we are moving towards it. Healthy communication, support and experience exchange with 0 drama.
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